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News Update – September 27th 2021

easyPower is delighted to have received planning approval for its commercial demonstration plant adjacent to Chelmsford City Racecourse. Work will be starting on site shortly.

We are delighted to have joined the SME Climate Hub:
UK – SME Climate hub (businessclimatehub.org) and thereby confirming our corporate net zero commitments. We encourage all of our partners and suppliers to do the same.

easyPower’s Pure Pyrolysis technology captures carbon, whilst efficiently creating large quantities of predictable baseload energy and eradicating residual waste.

In simple terms this is not entirely dissimilar to the natural process of decay and decomposition that Planet Earth will carry out on her own, given a hundred million years or so, where organic matter is reduced to coal, oil and gas. The entire process is natural chemistry and it only works if we do not burn.

Pure Pyrolysis

easyPower introduces its unique, pure pyrolysis process for the treatment of various material streams. Our process heats material in the absence of air to create accelerated decomposition of the organic matter. Material is converted at a molecular level. There is no combustion. Our process is Pure Pyrolysis, as unlike any other thermal system, there is absolutely no combustion at any stage. The end result is the creation of a high quality renewable gas stream, a solid carbon residue and heat.

The Process

The prepared material passes into the main process chamber where a combination of conditions, including high temperature and the absence of air, cause it to immediately release most of its energy in the form of gas. Any remaining energy is left behind as a solid, energy rich, carbon residue. Because the material is prevented from burning at any point, easyPower has the ability to capture more of the energy than any other process.

Material Streams

The process is controllable and flexible and enables a wide range of materials to be treated, dependent upon suitable preparation including:

Plant Size

The plant is tiny compared to almost every other waste treatment process. The plant is modular, allowing installations to be sized to meet local requirements, even enabling modules to be relocated. A typical installation of 6 modules will process between 39,000 – 52,000 tonnes of prepared waste per annum and comfortably fit within a 3,000 m2 standard industrial building, with a similar area required externally. This enables the technology to be located on waste sites, or other locations close to a material source or local need for power.

Local Impacts

A range of factors, including a lack of emissions, significant reductions in transport movements, low noise and odour levels and the lack of a tall flue or chimneys, all help to make easyPower a good neighbour and create a more receptive reaction from local communities. This in turn helps us to achieve planning and regulatory approvals more quickly and smoothly than many other technologies. The benign nature of the operation gives much more flexibility and opens up locations which are just not suitable for other technologies.

One technology, three solutions

for a brighter future

Carbon Capture

The key to carbon capture from the easyPower process is our production of carbon char. This is carbon capture in action. A stable, solid material with multiple uses. No requirement for complex systems of gas capture or the challenge of finding a long-term storage solution. 

At the end of every day, an easyPower module will have produced around 20 tonnes of carbon rich char.

Renewable / Low Carbon Energy

We are confident that easyPower has the most efficient technology for extracting the maximum amount of energy from both residual waste streams and sustainably produced biomass. Our process will produce between 5 and 10 times more energy than the energy it consumes; and dependent upon feed material, a typical 6 module installation can produce up to 9 MW/hr of electrical energy and 9-12 MW/hr thermal.

An average sized installation could provide enough renewable energy to supply the total electrical needs of over 23,000 UK homes. In terms of potential energy recovery per kg of material processed, we are not aware of any other technology that can come close.

Waste Disposal

We believe that easyPower has the “Best Available Technology” for dealing with any residual and unavoidable waste streams. It extracts the most energy and captures high levels of carbon thereby making this a true carbon negative methodology for all but the highest fossil intensity waste streams.

It can deal easily with a very wide range of wastes with simple, undemanding pre-treatment processes. The technology is modular and scalable; and can therefore be located close to existing material sources, helping to reduce or remove the impacts of secondary transport movements. The core process itself does not produce odours and the noise levels are low. There are no tall chimneys or flues for emissions.

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